5 / kg EXW  2.50-3 / kg wholesale
We sell natural ecologically pure without additives and gmo, honey...
Фахр Сауда, SP, KZ
Kull Antrasitt Fabrikken, Svovel 1%, Aske 5%, Flyktige 3%
150-200 / t wholesale CIF
Kull fra den russiske produsenten JSC "Donugol" Kull med alle...
Вегатэк, LLC, RU
20 / sq m EXW
We are Ukrainian manufacturer of the solid herringbone...
Пивнич, LLC, UA
Linseed oil
Good day Our company from Ukraine produces and supplies linseed oil, we have successful experience with several Chinese companies selling...
Херсон Зерно, PE, UA
Paper A4, Premium Class from the manufacturer in bulk
1.35-1.70 / pc wholesale CIF
WhatsApp, Viber: The German company offers wholesale paper A4, 80...
Alexandru Besleaga, DE, DE
Edged pine timber
Good day! Our company is a direct manufacturer of lumber. We are located in Ukraine, Vinnitsa region We cut the pallet blank, timber,...
Черевко А.О., SP, UA
Organic soybean
Company growing its own organic soybean, offers 500 tons of high quality certified organic soya, from its proper production.
Naukowo Badawcze Centrum..., Sp. z o.o., PL
Industrial water treatment equipment
We offer high-quality equipment for water treatment Litech Aqua TM (produced in Ukraine) Using many years of practical experience, we can...
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA
SIPs - Structural Insulated Panels (Green Buildings)
200 / sq m  150-200 / sq m wholesale
Our company "CITY-HOUSE" is a manufacturer of the frame-panel houses...
The factory of fuel pellets "Warm House". Pellets, Briquette
kr 0.64 / kg EXW  kr 0.64 / kg wholesale
Pellets / Briquettes - Operational communication 24/7 . Viber / Whats...
Warm House Russia, LLC, RU
Corn Flour from Bulgaria
360 / t wholesale FOB
Corn flour - 100% natural bulgarian product, packing : 40 kg....
Milkov 63, SMLLC, BG
$260-320 / t wholesale
The company sells cane sugar icumsa 45 Delivery to any safe port in...
Ромашка, LLC, UA
Auto Spare parts . Only wholesale supply
Our company has 20 years of experience as a specialised wholesale company for the supply of original and new spare parts, specially for...
Egg ( Table )
28 / box of 360 eggs CIF  24-27 / box of 360 eggs wholesale
Our company produces and sells to export quality chicken egg...
Вегатэк, LLC, RU
We offer the supply of lumber Belarus
We offer the supply of lumber Belarus
Аист, ALC, BY
Tables of oak
250 / pc FCA  220-350 / pc wholesale
We produce and supply different models of table with tops of solid...
Пивнич, LLC, UA
Krokcontainers , dumpers
ARGO Containers Any kind of krokcontainers. Certificates. Quality and warranty.
ARGO Ekspresas, UAB, LT
Modular water treatment systems in containers
Modular water treatment systems in containers are effective and convenient solutions that can provide enterprises with quality water,...
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA
Urea 46%
$175 / t
Sell urea 46% for 175$ without transport production of...
Казахстанская Промышленная..., LLPlLimited liability company (ТОО), KZ
Electrodialysis is an electromembrane process, during which ions are transported through a semipermeable membrane under the influence of an...
Litech Aqua, LLC, UA
Flagmа* Available in 52 countries